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When you click on Mundo O&G, your curiosity has brought you to a small space where you will find very interesting things. For example,

If you like this world, you want to enjoy new emotions, turn your life around, make this hobby the best travel companion, we will help you to take Oolong & Green wherever you propose.

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Sometimes the world gets uphill … For something you have to start and Mr. Oolong and Mrs. Green are all ears. We will be delighted that you send us your resume and tell us about your expectations, ambitions and everything you want to contribute to the O & G world.

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It is possible that you have a cafeteria, restaurant, rural tourism hotel, a Relais Chateâu, Bed & Breakfast, etc. and you want your customers to live the experience of savoring and enjoying in your environment some of our varieties of tea … or you may be a super-cocked entrepreneur who has decided to take care of their workers by inviting them to a mid-morning tea …

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